Handgun Structure In Detail

Handgun Structure In Detail

Handgun Structure In Detail

Handgun Structure In Detail

Handgun Structure In Detail

In this image, you will find barrel, red inset, front sight, extractor rod, center pin, locking bolt spring, locking bolt pin, locking bolt, bolt stop pin, yoke, cylinder stop spring, cylinder stop stud, cylinder stop, trigger, hand torsion spring pin, trigger stud, hand torsion spring, trigger lever, hand, hand pin, hand stud, one-piece rubber grip, rebound slide stud, rebound slide spring, rebound slide in it.

You may also find stock pin, strain screw, mainspring, stirrup, stirrup stud, bolt plunger spring, bolt plunger, frame, hammer block, bolt, hammer, rebound slide pin, hammer stud, sear spring, sear pin, sear, hammer nose, hammer nose rivet, hammer nose spring, rear sight slide, rear sight windage screw, rear sight elevation screw, hammer nose bushing,  as well.

This picture also contains other parts such as extractor, scope mount holes, center pin spring, extractor spring, cylinder, extractor flood collar, rear sight leaf, handgun, pistol, handgun anatomy, handgun structure, pistol structure, handgun parts name, gun parts name, pistol parts name, pistol parts and so on.

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