Centaur Muscle And Bone Anatomy

Centaur Muscle And Bone Anatomy

Centaur Muscle And Bone Anatomy

Centaur Muscle And Bone Anatomy

Centaur Muscle And Bone Anatomy

In this image, you will find centaur muscle, centaur bone, an archer in it.

While this section of the boy may look human, the internal anatomy is quite different. With the stomach, kidneys, liver, and intestines all lower down, the man-like torso is instead mostly filled with large lungs and a powerful heart.

Their efficient oversized hearts allow centaurs to keep running for days without rest. While their “human” mouths more closely resemble the blowholes of dolphins detached from their digestive systems and functioning only for breathing and speech.

A close examination of a centaur’s face will reveal a lack of teeth, instead the mouth constricts to a tight orifice directly behind the gums and connects immediately to their oversized lungs.

The centaur’s lower-half houses a complex multi stage digestive system designed to extract nutrients from tough prairie grasses.

Centaur leg bones are relatively thin in order to make room for their leg-length esophaguses, and as such they must be wary of falls or injury to their lower “horse” halves.

A centaur that sustains a broken leg will often be abandoned by the herd and left to die of infection, starving, or else to take their own life in a redemptive act of ritual suicide.

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