Muscles of the back in detail


Muscles of the back in detail

Muscles of the back in detail
Muscles of the back in detail

In this image, you will find sternocleidomastoid muscle, trapezius muscle, spine of scapula, deltoid muscle, infraspinatus fascia, teres minor muscle, teres major muscle, latissimus dorsi muscle, thoracolumnar fascia, external oblique musle, internal oblique muscle, iliac crest, gluteus maximus muscle in it.

You may also find semispinalis capitis muscle, splenius capitis muscle, splenius cervicis muscle, levator scapulae msucle, supraspinatus muscle, rhomboid minor muscle, serratus posterior superior muscle, rhombold major muscle as well.

There are other parts like latissimus dorsi muscle, serratus anterior muscle, erector spinae muscle, serratus posterior inferior muscle, external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle in this image.

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Muscles of the back in detail
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